Friday, October 10, 2014


when I look back now, 19 years have passed being princess of my parents.  As a student I did my home works in time and studied smartly for the exams. It was fine to change ambitions regularly, sometimes i would think of becoming a doctor or sometimes an engineer. It depended upon the scores of the subject. Till 10th grade my life was pretty well. In the process of becoming an adult, i lost my dream. I was confused with who I am and what I want to do. I must say it took two years to actually discover my potential.
Landing here at Sherubtse was blessing in disguise. Moreover I thank myself for opting  media course  without giving a second thought during that time. Coming here and  having professor Dorji Wangchuk was another blessing. I thank him for inspiring me to restart with my forgotten dreams. Apart from the academic lessons, Sir has never failed to inspire and motivate us with his own life examples.

He has taught us to dig out the potential that every one of us possess. To accept the challenges and Obstacles  and to face them with all your abilities. The  best thing was, introducing us to the beauty and charm of photography. I have loved taking photos but never realized the beauty of it until now. I should say, I find beauty in everything and I get an urge to capture it. Thank you sir, for shaking and molding us to what others would call a better human being. For giving us the lessons that are beyond the text book. For believing in our potential and more than anything, Thank you for your inspirations.

Clouds are simply beautiful, nature never fails to inspire us.
We have the key,  so just unlock the door to success.

sky is the only limit.

Statue of monastery at Barshong.

who would have guessed, staircase in the college library is just beautiful. 

Dungkarchoeling or most commonly known as Rongthung.

Thanks to our seniors.....

Every living creature is beautiful in their own way.

Just opposite to my place, stands a small community called Pam. 

Magnificent Monastery of Barshong

Although the sun rise every day, every time has its own beauty.

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